Thursday, 29 May 2014

Final A1s

Final presentation

My project is about how to create a shelter in the middle of the city that makes people feel at home, and warm. It is based on warm focus, understanding the temperature not as heat and cold, but as a feeling.
That's why I involved people in my project, and I made surveys to study the importance that each person gives to every aspect that I consider esential at home, and the tracks and activities of those persons. 
I also worked with privacy related to height, light and scale, and studied the shape of the shelters that change depending on the personality of each person, working at the same time with materials that are able to create the sensations that make someone feel comfortable and warm.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Developing the final model

In my model, there are different pieces with several heights, like a city. In the structure, there are warm focus. The shape of those warm focus changes depending on the person who uses it. 
The shapes I'm going to use for my model are based on the survey I made asking people about the importance they give to certain aspects at their home. Its height and scale will depend on the privacy of that specific structure.
I'm also going to use wire on my model to show the tracks of these people in the city, around the warm focus. 
Those pieces that compose the city can be translucent or not, depending also on its height, to show how much light you can receive in a city.
Finally, I'm thinking about including colours in the model, to continue with the code I used in the A1: temperature colours, and purple and blue to stress and relax.