Monday, 14 April 2014

15/04/2014 ∙ Final A1

Final A1

Drawing of structure, scale and funtions

14/04/2014 ∙ Project's work

Models of tracks

I made a model in order to see some examples of possible tracks around my structure of people I know of different ages. I asked them how would they use it, and I explained it with these collages.

Working on social and daily life

I asked people who is helping me and getting involved with my project, about things they do in the outside space and their own home, and which space do they prefer to do it, how they feel, and the importance it has for them. I tried to join all this information in this diagram.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Working on Structure, Movements and Landscape

Working on the different spaces


A home is composed by funtions, sensation, and a structure made with different materials, but also by the persons who live there.
Besides, it is a shelter that isolates people from the outside space, which could be a city. 
I tried to explain all my program with this diagram, showing the relation between the different aspects of my project. 

This week I continued working on materials, but this time with flexible ones that can be adapted to human body, and allows people to be comfortable and warm.

I also worked with different structures, with different shapes, studying the oppressive sensation they can make us feel, which depends on the direction of our eyes, and the angle of vission.

In a similar way, the place were a structure is made can change its effect on us, so I choose two different locations for the structure. They are close, but the surroundings are not the same. In the first collage, the structure is surrounded by nature. Although it is in a big city, it doesn't look like it. On the other side, in the second collage we can see the structure in a street full of high buildings, cars, and maybe annoying noises, so it will be more difficult to feel safe in there.

Making this model, I focused my project in one of the locations I was considering: a street with a big road in the middle, with parks at both sides. In those parks there are a lot of trees, so I decided to use the structure I'm working with to create different kind of shelters, like pieces of the structure, that are hanged up from the trees by a rope which joins all them. In this net, there will be shelters with different levels of privacy depending on its height, that will be used for several funtions. Depending on the ages of the persons who use it, their tracks around the park will change, so I made several examples with people of different ages, which I made then with red wire.

I continued working with this diagram, that shows a kind of map of the street were I was considering to locate my project. In this map we can see different zones, depending on the speed of people who is there, and their movements. I developed the diagram, adding the tracks of different people in the same space, depending on the age. In order to do it, I asked people who is involved with my project, about what they do when they are in the street, and how they move.

Friday, 11 April 2014

11/04/2014 ∙ Project's work

Working on Structures, Movements and Landscape.

The space Inside

Working about Materials and Scale

I developed an organic and living material which is based on a ned. And when it is stretched the particles between its cells grows or decreeces to create bigger or smaller spaces.

Structuring the programme

Hand made drawings

Examples of entrances to the roots


Working on transformable spaces which adapt to the human body

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tracks, Sizes and Uses

Here I've been working on a diagram that relates the tracks of the different members of a household, differing ages and sexes, with the size of the spaces that make every home, but not representing real space unless its size varies as a function of use that is given in each model home.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Working about the programme

Working about how much time spends each model of family at their home, am what they do with this time. 

The family Model 1 are a mother, Piedad, a pather, Paco, and two brothers, the biggest one, Juan, an universitary, an the youngest, José, a child. The Model 2 family are a mother, Ana, and her two little daughters, Elena and María. Model 3 is a copple, Maria, who is studying at the university, and Berto, who is working outside home. And finally Model 4 is a guy who study, work and live alone, Alex.

Working about the city