Thursday, 6 March 2014

Join information and create space

As I see it, the time you spend in each room at home can be as important as the emotional objects in it, how useful they are, what they mean to you, or even the feelings you have when you think about them. So I joined and compared all this information in a diagram.

Trying to join all the aspects I put at the quick diagrams I made last week in one unique structure, I made two technical drawings. 

The first one is focused on  the concepts of light, transparence, undefined limits, and verticality, but it is also a flexible structure that people can adapt to them. They can interact with the space, so it's related to comfort and safety.

With this one I focused in shape and scale, so I made a fractal structure, with connected pieces, and I experimented with scale in one of them. 

Finally, I took one of the structures and made a collage, to see its effect on a private space, with real limits, because after everything I did, I think I have several options. People could use the structure as a place to relax and feel warm in their own house, or the structure could be an independent place on the outside, for example, in a big cold city. In both cases, it would isolate you from the rest of the world.

07/03/2014 ∙ PROJECT