Thursday, 21 November 2013

Technical drawing

Depending on the scale, a structure that looks like a public space where lots of people can spend time in, with a bigger scale can be like a kind of shelter for one person in an open space. Something that isolates a person from the rest of the world in a certain way.
So a public place can become a private space if the scale is changed.
What I mean is that if you imagine, for example, a Frank Ghery's building, the same structure can be a kind of bench in a park.
The way these structures I made can isolate a person is similar than the way an umbrella protects someone when it's raining. The person is still in an open space, but not completely, because he doesn't see everything that is around him.
I also played with light, and translucent materials, to see the effects they produce to a structure.

In short, this week I tried to play with scales, and how scale can change the space, but also considering materials and light in the structures.

Friday, 15 November 2013


I started this model thinking about the drawings I made last week. There was a sketch showing how my own disordered ideas were developing, becoming new ones, and then receiving influences from other people. 
I also wanted to create a place that someone could call home, so I explained the importance of the feelings a person has in his house, because that's what makes it his own space, not the quality, not how big it is. I tried to resume all that in a few words: SAFETY, SHELTER, PRIVACY, INDIVIDUAL SPACE, BEAUTY, PERSONALITY, DETAILS, EMOTIONS, DESIGN, UTILITY, COMFORT and RELAX.

While I was building the model, I changed it a lot of times, I made experiments, and finally I decided to create and structure where a person can get in, and feel protected. I created a limit between the interior and exterior space, but not a solid limit, because the objective wasn't to build a prison. It had to be an open space. That's why I used wire, and that's why there's a kind of door, that can never be completely closed. It's a private space, not a cell.
Another reason to use wire came out when I realised how relaxing it was to look the way the wire follows, like the raindrops on a windows. 

My Model

15/11/2013 ∙ Model