Friday, 27 September 2013

What kind of architect I wanna become?


I don’t care as much about great works of spectacular buildings as I do about the study and research of what a particular human being needs.
I would like to devote to intimate architecture that is designed for one person, to meet the needs of that person and to contribute to form a part of his life, and make it better, to make homes for comfort of both the spirit and the mind.
 Without ever stop thinking about the design , the economy and taking advantage of new ecological technologies.
That is, building with sense and taking care of every detail to create unique and individual spaces in which you would want to live.
But architecture doesn’t only affect the people who live in it, from my point of view, I also think it is very important to learn how to create an architecture which communicates with the environment.
I like working alone or in small groups and being able to afford to provide each client with the time and the work they deserve, and this is achieved through direct negotiation.
I dont want to build to impress, I want to learn how to design to determine human lives, hopefully for the better.
Thinking Architecture not as a goal to pursue but as something to discover.

What kind of architect do I want to become?

What kind of architect do I want to become?
It should be easy to answer that question. 
But when I think about it, I feel that my mind’s like a puzzle.
There are a lot of disordered pieces, incomplete ideas running through my head.

I want to do something different from anything else. I want to make a difference.
I want to be original, but I don’t even know where to start. 
I’m just here waiting for a great idea that is supposed to come out of my mind.

I want to do something useful, practical for someone, but comfortable at the same time.
I care about the environment, and I love interior design.
When I become an architect, I’d like to create spaces that people want to live in. A place that someone can call home.

From my point of view, an architect has to design in order to improve lives. That’s the reason why a building has to be useful and comfortable, but also beautiful. Every detail counts. We cannot forget the importance the structure has in every house, but its personality it’s what makes you call it home.
When you arrive home, it has to be your place, a place where you can feel comfortable, and you like to spend time in.
I would be happy with myself if I could create that feeling.
I guess I just want to do something I can be proud of.

So I don’t really have an answer that I can tell you in 2 minutes. I don’t have any idea of what kind of architect I will become. I only have a million pieces of a puzzle I’m trying to complete.

Exercise 1_I as an architect

27/09/2013 ∙ What kind of ARCHITECT do I want to become?

Firstly, I would like to quote a few sentences from a Louis Vuitton ad. It says:

"What is a journey? A journey is not a trip. It's not a vacation. It's a process, a discovery. It's a process of self-discovery.

A joueney brings us face to face with ourselves. A journey shows not only the world but how we fit into it.

Does the person creates the journey, or does the journey creates the person?

The journey is life itself. Where will life take you?"

They say that when you travel, you come back with more things that when you leave. I would like to be a globetrotter and I want my architecture to be my luggage.

As an open bag, I want to fill it with every new experience. Architecture is made for people, that's why we have to take care with every detail, every little thing is important.

Definitely, I can't say a name and tell you this is exactly who I want to become, or just say I'll be like him or her, because my purpose is to be changing as I'm learning new things, visiting new places, meeting new cultures, people, and above all, the architecture of each place and the reason why it happened because my goal is to make things that means something for someone.